AlFarah Gourmet

AlFarah Gourmet was established with a purpose to offer you an authentic and memorable experience to  savour all while celebrating life, family and friends. A place built on passion, consistency and flavor, it aims  to reintroduce guests to unforgettable tastes. A contemporary feel paired with a casual environment, AlFarah Gourmet is a one stop shop where you meat, shop and eat.

We offer premium quality meat, soft textures, exquisite flavors, essential herbs and oils for both your in-store and at-home experience guaranteed to fulfill your needs.Sharing our passion and meat love with  you is what we pursue.

AlFarah Butchery

AlFarah Butchery has known continuous success and great legacy ever since its establishment in 1998.  Originally a family owned business where meat passion has been passed on through generations, we are  one of the leading butcheries in the capital. Known for our premium cuts, our finest quality and our skilled  team, we offer the best services to our meat lovers.


Leading and
navigating through
the world of meat.

Our mission is to lead through the world of meat all while providing the highest quality of goods brought to  you from around the world and delivering an authentic experience to our guests. We ought to exceed our  guests’ expectations by offering them outstanding service and keeping ourselves accountable for results.


We are committed to a
truthful and transparent
approach to meat.

We respect the traditions of butchery. We are committed to a truthful and transparent approach to meat.  We aim to create a culture of warmth and belonging, by building an inviting neighborhood feel that  welcomes guests and treats them like family, connecting them to unforgettable flavors and experience in  the same way ingredients are connected to food.






“Meat is more than just protein, it’s a passion.”

Ever since the establishment of AlFarah Butchery, with the passionate expertise passed on from a generation to another, my dream has always been to create a new concept, an innovative twist on your traditional restaurant.
After a lot of hard work and commitment, I am pleased to introduce your new one-stop shop where you MEAT, SHOP, EAT: AlFarah Gourmet.
We hope you enjoy our quality meat, soft textures, exquisite flavors, and cozy environment.